Las Vegas Discount Listing
Las Vegas Discount Listing – 1% Listing Fee for Sellers

Get a Discount on your Listing in Las Vegas

Agentrefund has a special deal to get a Las Vegas Discount Listing for home sellers. When you use our service to sell a house in Las Vegas you can get a 1% listing fee. To redeem this offer select “Sell” and enter your information into the screens. Once received one of our staff members will connect you with our preferred agent in Las Vegas that will list your home.

Will the Total Commission be 1% when I sell my home?

The 1% is the fee you will be charged for using the AgentRefund service in Las Vegas. That amount goes to pay the listing office. This does not include any commission you will offer to a cooperating broker that might bring a potential buyer to your property.

Since your home will be listed in the MLS in the Las Vegas area, real estate agents that are working with buyers will likely bring clients to your listing to show it to them. If their client makes an offer on your house and it is ultimately accepted, then that amount of commission you offer will be paid to that brokerage.

So for example you choose to pay a 2% commission to the agent that represents the buyer that ultimately buys your house. At that point the commission will be 3% total

What is the Best Amount to Offer for a Commission to Sell in Las Vegas?

Commission rates are not set and are completely negotiable between consumers and real estate agents. In some cases, a seller might want to offer a larger commission to incentivize agents to show their home more and bring buyers that might want to purchase their home. Another strategy is to offer a lower commission rate and leverage websites like Zillow, Redfin and and hope that a potential buyer contacts your listing agent directly to see the home.

What happens if my discount agent represents both parties on my listing?

In order for a real estate agent to represent both parties, there must be consent between both the buyer and seller. This must be documented in writing and signed by all parties, including the broker. In some cases, the brokerage may have a policy against this. In that case the broker might choose to have another agent at their company represent the buyer. Another option would be that they would have another agent at another brokerage represent the buyer and that brokerage would be paid the buyer’s agent commission, also known as the “so-op”

Will my Real Estate Agent be any good at 1%?

The agent that will be handling your listing is one of two agents that have combined sold over 3,000 listings in Las Vegas. Working with sellers is their primary business and they will also potentially work together to get your home sold.

What happens if my home doesn’t sell?

If your home doesn’t sell it is most likely because the price you have it listed for is too high. To avoid your home not selling, you should have a conversation with your agent each couple weeks to address how your property is presented to the market in the form of “list price”. It is highly unlikely that having a discounted commission listing is going to affect whether your home sells or not. Listings will sell if they are priced correctly, even it little commission is offered, although because of a potentially smaller buyer pool it is possible you will net less money for your home.

How do I get the 1% Las Vegas Listing?

Just go to and click Sell and Type in “Las Vegas”. Hit the search button and you will enter your information including the details about your home. Our agents will reach out to you and explain the process. You will usually hear back within 24 hours.

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